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Ballynahinch Castle Map

This Ballynahinch Castle map shows street and satellite maps that you can zoom in to see more detail or zoom out to see more of the surrounding area. The map is useful for pin-pointing hotels before booking Galway hotels.

(Please note that maps are provided on a best efforts basis.)


Ballynahinch Castle Location Information

Here are the distances from Ballynahinch Castle to its nearest hotel neighbours. These hotels are visible on the Galway map and are indicated using numbered icons. Remember to check reviews of Ballynahinch Castle in Galway before booking!

Nearby Hotels
  1. Station House (7 miles)
  2. Abeyglen Castle (7 miles)
  3. Peacockes Hotel and Complex (13 miles)
  4. Connemara Gateway (22 miles)
  5. Carlton Atlantic Coast (27 miles)
  6. Atlantic Coast Hotel Westport (27 miles)
  7. Westport, Leisure Spa Conference (28 miles)
  8. Westport Inn (28 miles)
(Please note: distances are approximate and as the crow flies. They are not driving distances.)


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