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Denmark Hotel Reviews has 97 hotels in Denmark in destinations ranging from Aalborg to Soenderborg. Read unbiased reviews of all Denmark accommodation (hotels, guesthouses, apartments and B&Bs) to find perfect accommodation for you. If you need help choosing hotel accommodation, ask the community a quesiton using our Q&A system.

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HotelRank recommends the best accommodation in Denmark based on reviews written by the diy travel community. We have 97 hotels in Denmark - find yours to add your own unbiased review and make HotelRank even better!


Radisson SAS Falconer Copenhagen reviews
Banqueting facilities
 1 community reviews. 0 questions.
Latest review: 27 Oct '05: Excellent hotel in a great location


Maritime reviews
Stroget, Nyhaven
Breakfast Room
 1 community reviews. 0 questions.
Latest review: 21 Mar '07: Clean Efficient Good Location

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Latest Denmark Hotel Reviews

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Maritime reviewBreakfast Room
Clean Efficient Good Location
Room is basic small but comfortable. Hotel is centrally located in Copenhagen near Nyhaven & city centre. Staff are friendly and efficient. Good value for money....

Radisson SAS Falconer Copenhagen reviewBanqueting facilities
Excellent hotel in a great location
Having staying in many hotels in and around Copenhagen, this has to be the best in terms of value for money. It's right next to a shopping centre, and in there is the station for the new metro,...



Latest Hotel Questions

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04 Jul '11First Ski Petri: Walk in shower available?
17 Aug '07Zleep Airport Copenhagen: How close to the aiport is this hotel

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