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Gozo Hotel Reviews has 11 hotels in Gozo with instant online reservations. Read unbiased reviews of all Gozo accommodation (hotels, guesthouses, apartments and B&Bs) to find perfect accommodation for you. If you need help choosing hotel accommodation, ask the community a quesiton using our Q&A system.

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St Patrick's reviews
 1 community reviews. 0 questions.
Latest review: 21 Oct '06: St. Patrick Hote run by Cockroaches

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All Gozo hotels in alphabetical order

Bay Street Hotel
Down Town
Grand Hotel
Kempinski San Lawrenz
Paradise Bay
Qawra Palace
San Lawrenz Leisure Resort
St Patrick'sRating: 1.4


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St Patrick's reviewRestaurant
St. Patrick Hote run by Cockroaches
St. Patrick Hotel is the dirtiest hotel I have ever been. The rooms are infested by cockroaches which come in your room form the air shaft and through the bathroom window. It is disgusting to open...



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03 May '11Paradise Bay: paradise bay hotel malta

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