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Marhaba Hotel: A holiday in hell, avoid at all costs by Chris Fell 1
Posted 17 September 2013 about a visit in August 2013Overall rating: 1.0
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Absolutely not

Live cables beside the pool

Well this is one hotel you never want to go to. When we arrived here at midnight
we were given the wrong rooms and we had particularly requested low or ground. Floor rooms because of family health issues. We were put into some old second floor rooms that required us to go up in a lift and then go down flights of stairs to rooms that were old, dirty and our pool view was the top of a fifty foot palm tree right outside the window. The doors on these rooms wouldn't lock from either outside or inside. The bed linen was dirty with stains, hairs and other matter on them.The curtains were not properly hung up and they had big holes in them. We got these rooms changed after much protesting. The rooms we got in place of these were better but still had problems.

The food in this hotel was lousy, there were always queues at the servery of 30 minutes and upwards. The food was unappetising, lukewarm and often not properly cooked, especially the chicken and turkey dishes. The dining hall regularly ran out of plates,cups and utensils and also bread at breakfast time ran out before 9am. There were always plenty of flies to keep you company and often as not they would be sitting on the food at the serving areas as well as on you plate too.

The dining hall and all indoor common areas such as reception and bars had no air conditioning working. Apparently according to some staff it had not worked for months. In a country where the temperature is around 38 degrees c most of the time, the heat inside the hotel was unbearable. Add to that there was a smokers policy to smoke anywhere in the hotel, this made for a very unpleasant atmosphere.

The drinks on offer for an all inclusive holiday were awful. They consisted of warm flat beer, sickly sweet sprite or warm flat imitation tango. There were no brand name lagers or spirits unless you charged them to your room number which we refused to do. All of these drinks were served in old plastic beakers that had been rinsed under the tap in front of you from the previous user. The coffee and tea was served from a machine on the bar, in cups washed in the same way as drinks glasses. They seemed to be no sign of a dishwasher and the same hygiene standards on cutlery and plate cleaning existed in the dining hall.

The pool area was disgusting and unsafe. There were a number of electric cable laying on top of the grass beside sun loungers and within a few feet of the pool. At least two of the cables had bare junction box connectors which were bare and had a live neutral and earth which could come into contact with water or your body. There were often "brown boats" in the pool. The pool attendants just scooped them up in a glass and threw them into the plant borders. The water in the pools were murky and the scum around the pool edges was clearly visible. There were also jagged edged tiles in the pool below the water line. Both our daughters cut their legs and feet on these jagged tiles.

The cleaners in the rooms did nothing that resembled room cleaning. We left "little testers" here and there to see how thorough they were at doing their job. They did nothing apart from making the beds, as all of the testers we put down remain in place until the last day. The waiters and hotel bar staff were rude and arrogant and unhelpful. However they knew when you were due to go home as a couple of days in advance so that they could turn on their charm offensive in the hope of getting a tip. However we knew this tactic so it did not work with us.

In this hotel Britains were a minority. The guests were made up of Russians, Germans, Ukrainians,Algerians and all without exception are rude and arrogant.

We went on this holiday after changing from our original plan to return to our previously twice visited hotel in Egypt. The FCO were not keen for Britain's to visit Egypt so we decided on Tunisia as we had never been there. We wish in hindsight that we had ignored the FCO advice and just gone back to Egypt.

We would never go to Tunisia again and if anyone does go there, then avoid this hotel at all costs. Oh and one more thing, by the time we were at 3 days before coming home, the worn out drinking glasses were replaced with white plastic cups, the sort you drink from at a car boot fair or market. This is the only holiday we have been on where we have lost weight because the food was so awful. Be wise and spend your money on a different destination.

There is also no late checkout options here, so if like us your flight home is late in the day, you will just have to make the best of hanging around as you must vacate your room by 12 noon. They tell you that there are no rooms available for late checkout

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