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Negril Hotel Reviews has 29 hotels in Negril with instant online reservations. Read unbiased reviews of all Negril accommodation (hotels, guesthouses, apartments and B&Bs) to find perfect accommodation for you. If you need help choosing hotel accommodation, ask the community a quesiton using our Q&A system.

Recommended accommodation in Negril

HotelRank recommends the best accommodation in Negril based on reviews written by the diy travel community. We have 29 hotels in Negril - find yours to add your own unbiased review and make HotelRank even better!


Shield's Negril Villas reviews
 1 community reviews with 2 photos. 0 questions.
Latest review: 26 Jan '08: THE BEST !!


Hedonism II reviews
 1 community reviews. 1 questions.
Latest review: 22 Jun '07: lOVE IT!


Merrils Beach 2 reviews
 1 community reviews. 0 questions.
Latest review: 16 Feb '08: Best holiday ever!


Negril Palm Beach Club reviews
 1 community reviews with 2 photos. 0 questions.
Latest review: 26 Aug '07: Relaxing :-)


Daniels Beach Village reviews
 1 community reviews. 1 questions.
Latest review: 12 May '08: Reception not helpful, did not accommate our booking


Bar-B-Barn reviews
 1 community reviews. 1 questions.
Latest review: 15 Jul '10: NO COMMUNICATION

(The list above only displays the Top 6 hotels in Negril according to consumer reviews. )

All Negril hotels in alphabetical order

Bar-B-BarnRating: 1.0
Beachcomber Club
Beaches Negril
Beaches Sandy Bay
Bungalo Hotel
Coco La Palm Seaside Resort
Country Country
Couples Negril
Couples Swept Away
Daniels Beach VillageRating: 3.9
Foote Prints
Fun Holiday Beach Resort
Grand Lido
Hedonism IIRating: 9.1
Hidden Paradise Resort
Merrils Beach 1
Merrils Beach 2Rating: 7.7
Merrils Beach 3
Negril Escape Resort & Spa Boutique
Negril Gardens Beach Resorts
Negril Inn
Negril Palm Beach ClubRating: 7.4
Negril Tree House
Point Village
Riu Negril Club
Riu Tropical Bay
Rondel Village
Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa
Sandals Whitehouse European Village And Spa
Seasplash Resort
Seawind Resort Negril
Shield's Negril VillasRating: 10.0
Sunrise Club
Sunset At The Palms
Thrills Resort
Travellers Beach Resort
White Sands


Latest Negril Hotel Reviews

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Bar-B-Barn review
Missed our flight to Jamaica where we were to spend our first night at Bar-B-Barn. I immediately called B-B-B to inform them of our rescheduled situation. I felt we should have received at least a...

Daniels Beach Village review
Reception not helpful, did not accommate our booking
The name of the hotel changed so we had no idea were Daniel Beach Villiage was until we saw a friend of ours and he told us the name changes. When we explained to reception what had happend they...

Merrils Beach 2 review
Best holiday ever!
On our arrival to merrils 2 we all were aware of one thing - the heat! once we were shown to our rooms by a very helpful young man, we turned on the air con and relaxed! The rooms were very basic but...

Shield's Negril Villas review
Just coming back travelling alone first visit to Jamaica i love shields villas. Very reasonable rates, the service was excellent, staff very professional, rooms were clean, food was great! They have...

Negril Palm Beach Club review
Relaxing :-)
We stayed in Negril, where in my opinion is one of the best places in Jamaica. The hotel was basic, but based on the beach, which is just perfect and value for money if all you want is a base to...



Latest Hotel Questions

Here are the latest Negril hotel questions. To ask a question, find your hotel and click the 'Ask Question' button.

01 Apr '11Bar-B-Barn: prices
15 Jun '09Hedonism II: Overall experience Uniqueness Atmosphere Fun Memorable Items
04 Mar '08Daniels Beach Village: Does this hotel hold blessing ceremonies?
10 Sep '07Beaches Negril: all inclusive alcohol?

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