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Sousse guide

Tunisia is the dirtiest country I have I ever been to.

The first experience of Tunisia is when you arrive at Enfidha Airport and to the chaos of the arrivals hall and passport control. When we landed and disembarked at 7:55pm on a sunday evening.

Tangier guide

BEST experience! Our private female guide in Tangier was great

We had a great time! Our private tour guide, Meriam, spoke very fluent english. She was informative, funny, and just a great Moroccan Female guide to have. email her at:

Gumbet guide

very good , going again july 12

stayed for a week last july,nagi beach hotel, going again really good , excellent location,good restaurant beach front ,couldnt complain especially for money we paid.

Turgutreis guide

Windsurfing in Turgutreis (Turkey)

I am a very keen windsurfer and have windsurfed all over the Bodrum peninsular, Turkey and the UK. I heard that a new windsurf centre had opened up in Kadikalesi near to Turgutreis.

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